About Us

Photo of students with the tidal basin and Washington monument behind them
SIFP Trip to D.C.
Three students looking at a book
Three students looking at a book

Our Vision

We envision a world that is equitably structured, such that all students and their families can imagine and fulfill expansive possibilities for their lives, navigate educational spaces with agency and confidence, enrich their communities, apply their knowledge and values for social good, and experience abundant joy.

Our History

Established at Princeton in 2021, through a substantial gift from Bloomberg Philanthropies, the Emma Bloomberg Center for Access & Opportunity supports and empowers students to, through and beyond college.

While EBCAO was officially established as a Center in 2021, Princeton has a long-standing commitment to access and opportunity. The creation of the Center provided a chance to build synergy and connection between heritage programs like PUPP and FSI, while making space to innovate with new initiatives to meet the emerging needs of our FLI students–and to share our learning with the broader education community.

Students in a canyon in Arizona, 2016
SIFP Trip to Arizona, 2016

Our Mission

Located within the Office of the Dean of the College at Princeton University, the Emma Bloomberg Center for Access and Opportunity advocates for and supports first-generation/lower-income (FLI) and other historically excluded student populations at Princeton University and beyond. We provide academic enrichment, professional development, and wellness resources that facilitate student access and success to, through, and beyond their undergraduate careers. With community at the core of our programming, the Emma Bloomberg Center offers students a dedicated space to affirm their intersectional identities and to nurture their sense of belonging in their educational journey. The Center also informs and strengthens similar efforts in the field of education, with local and national partners, serving as a hub for innovation in college access and student success.

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Our Pillars

The following pillars highlight the primary values of the Emma Bloomberg Center for Access & Opportunity and how we activate them through our work. Through scholarship, community, leadership, and belonging, we create a cohesive community of support for students at the EBCAO. These pillars serve as both a guiding compass and daily reminders for how we are bringing our core values to life in our work.


We provide academic development, learning strategies, and advising opportunities for students to immerse themselves in the intellectually vibrant culture of higher education. Students engage in scholarly conversation with their peers both in and out of the classroom to spark their curiosity and grow their inquiry. Working closely with faculty and community partners from a range of academic disciplines and fields, students actively engage in the creation of knowledge and original research as well as in the practical applications of their scholarly expertise.


We build and support communities of scholars to achieve their goals, realize their dreams, reinforce their social networks, and guide their pathways to, through, and beyond higher education. Students benefit from co-curricular and wellness workshops, peer mentorship, affinity programs, and professional development opportunities.


We inform and strengthen innovation in educational equity through the advancement of institutional, community, and student partnerships. We work alongside students to develop conferences, introduce policies, and cultivate compassionate communities. In this spirit of collaboration, we initiate conversations with national stakeholders, local organizations, and faculty to encourage transformative teaching and reimagine educational landscapes. We remain committed to the shifting dynamics of our students and espouse empathy, flexibility, and patience as our goals pivot to better reflect their needs.


We celebrate the diversity of identities in our student communities by highlighting intersectionality throughout our programming and trainings. By recognizing the diverse experiences of FLI students, we create spaces for students to employ agency in how they share their stories and participate in core programs. Our dedication to the prosperity of all FLI students, including and especially those who live at the intersections, fosters a sense of belonging and accountability that allows students to enter our space on their own terms.